Thursday, May 6, 2010

NaPiBoWriWee Day 6!

Ahhh, blissfulness. Sweetness. Love. This is story number six. Not thought, but felt. Very sentimental and meaningful. Perhaps not technically top-notch. But she is so lovely and that's all she needs to be for the moment.

Best of all, she simply exists.

I cringe as the door slams and a baby cries next door. Domestic trouble at the sleep clinic. An awful reality in comparison.

Sigh. Home tomorrow. Our little family at least has peace. I wish the same for next door. This is why number six exists.

Love to all PiBo's and your families.



Jenni Bielicki said...

"Ahhh, blissfulness. Sweetness. Love..."


Great job staying on target. I have three more to go by midnight tomorrow. Based on last year, I'm right on track though... I did 3 the last day last yer too :)

Enjoy and love back at you, my PiBo Pal!

Ginaagain said...

Carolyn, I love your books as babies imagery. I worried over little number five and just want to cuddle number six. It seems as though you are writing in a baby nursery.. which perhaps you are this week!

Free Range Citizen said...

Hi! Thanks Jenni and Gina for leaving comments. Gee, I am quick, aren't I?!

I SOOO miss being a PiBo now :( I was tucked away in my little writing den for almost the entire event - you may remember me talking about the sleep clinic. I basically had no responsibilities apart from caring for myself and my baby from Monday through to Friday. I wanna go back!!! I will remember that as my introduction to picture book writing - how awesome :) So yes, Gina - you may be right ... my environment probably did influence my maternal attitude toward my stories!

I will be popping over to see what everyone is up to. I hope you both pop back to see me too!

Happy writing!