Saturday, April 30, 2011

NaPiBoWriWee 2011 - Story draft #1 is done!

Holy cow! I can't believe it's only 2pm on Sunday and I have written my first story of NaPiBoWriWee 2011. One (1) picture book draft is complete. If I do say so myself, this is a story with potential :) The bar is set high for stories 2-7. By Saturday, I'm sure the quality of stories will have deteriorated :P This is going to get tough. But with Paula Yoo cheering me on from the sidelines, I will do it!

After all, 12 months ago I wrote five stories while at a sleep clinic with my six month old bubba! Now that he's toddling around and sleeping easily, things are getting easier.

I am astounded that last weekend I spent almost five days getting one story up to standard, and today I wrote a pretty sound one in a couple of hours. I guess that's the way it goes!

How was your story today? Was it fairly cooperative, or was it a kicker and screamer? If you're yet to start, best of luck! Just type, type, type - you can do it!



I.B.G. said...

Hi! I really liked your blog. I am your newest follower! Please follow me back. I am sure that you will like my blog. Thank you..

Melly said...

I've got it allll planned out and ready to write...but I wont' be able to sit down and write until later today. Congrats on getting #1 done!

Caz Williams said...

Thanks Melly, hope it felt good to get that first draft finished! Have we got the stamina to keep it up on day two? Of course we have - YEAH!!

I.B.G. are you writing, too? Thanks for the follow...