Monday, May 2, 2011

NaPiBoWriWee 2011 - day 2

How's everyone going? Now, Sunday may have been a walk in the park ... but MONDAY... well, it was another walk in the park! :D Yippee! Even with the 12-hour mummy shift thrown in! I am feeling very lucky.

I must admit that last night (Sunday night) I started writing what I thought was story number two. It wasn't going well. So I figured that tonight (Monday night) I'd be tearing my hair out.

Lucky for me, I remembered that NaPiBoWriWee is meant to be a FUN event! I imagined Paula Yoo frowning and waving her pointer finger at me for being a PiBo party pooper. This was enough for me to lighten up! Whaddya know... a brand new story was on a roll by 8pm, and was all wrapped up and tucked in by 8.40pm. Now it's 8.46pm and I'm writing the blog post. YAY!!

Did you have a Monday a success story, too?


Robyn Campbell said...

Heyya Caz. It is supposed to be a fun event. I can imagine Paula laughing at this image of herself and calling you a PiBo party pooper. Glad you let the words flow on. Congrads and write on! See you at Paula's place, YEAH! Onward to day two. :0)

Jim Hill said...

Yesterday went smoothly. Pulling out ideas that I've mulled for a long time helps the process.

Today I'm wrestling with it a bit. Another idea that has been around since #PiBoIdMo, but even then I wondered if it was really a picture book.

I love the idea, but not sure it has a place in today's PB market. Unless you're Neal Gaiman. Which I'm not.

Anyway, plugging away at it and loving finding new writer friends to share it with.

Missy said...

Way to go! Yesterday I had a moment, well a looong moment, where I was just staring into space, nothing was coming to me!