Saturday, May 1, 2010

NaPiBoWriWee Day 2!

It's 3pm and we're on the way to my step-sister's wedding rehearsal. But that's ok, because filed away safely between the microchips of my laptop is my SECOND PICTURE BOOK!!! Hooray, hooray, HOORAY!

This one took about two hours to write, and was definitely trickier than yesterday's story. I just had to keep reminding myself - first draft, first draft! Plenty of time after May 7th to go back and edit.

The working title of this book is 'Mama's Squishy Belly'. I love it so far. As it turned out I broke my own rule - to orally tell my story and then transcribe it. Hey, I guess I'm just a rebel like that! I was less sure about the structure of this story, so I left it to my fingers to fix it up as I went along.

Well I'm getting car sick looking at this blog, so I better go revel in the excitement of having now written two children's picture books :)

Good luck, writers!

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Sally said...

Can't wait to read the two you've written so far.
I do yet to read them don't I???