Monday, May 3, 2010

NaPiBoWriWee Day 3!

Well, voila! Another draft for a story is done! I am soooo pleased that I have kept up the pace so far. Actually, the truth is that I had quite a bit of free time today because my little one and I are staying for the week at a sleep clinic. We almost don't need to be here, but ... shhhh, don't tell, because my meals are made for me, I have no chores and am getting a break from toddler taming for a few days. Perfectly conducive to writing four more picture books! To top it all off, my beautiful baby happily tossed and turned himself to sleep as I stood by! Couldn't ask for more - no drama, no tears, just cuddles and sleep. Beautiful.

I knew I really shouldn't have done this ... but I tried rhyming *blush*. But I SWEAR I didn't inhale, ok!? :D No really, I figured 'why not? Let's see what all the fuss is about.' Now I've seen first hand that yes, the fuss is because it is rather difficult! Nevertheless, Mr and Mrs Birdie are now nestled snugly in their poetic little home in my NaPiBoWriWee folder.

Thanks to anyone who reads this blog. Mega-thanks to Paula Yoo for a super challenge!


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Gina said...

Congratulations on completing your third book Carolyn! I tried rhyming today too and the results made me laugh. I know it's bad poetry but writing it was just plain fun.

Sleep clinic sounds perfectly wonderful. I assume that being there isn't a good thing though? I had three children who suffered with sleep apnea and our version of "sleep clinic" was to record their snoring so the doctor could hear it. I would have sold my toes for a night of undisturbed sleep when they were little.

Good luck on day four!