Sunday, July 11, 2010

All That I Need

I have all that I need. I am very healthy, happy and loved.

All children deserve health, happiness and love. When I wrote a little picture book called All That You Need, I was writing for all children. But in particular, I was writing for a little 5 month old baby boy who had been separated from his parents. I have a special wish for this story. Today I edited it and took the first step in trying to make this wish come true.

I feel so glad that this story has now taken it's first step into the big wide world. Whether or not fate brings this story to children out there, I feel great that now it has at least a small chance - a much bigger chance than if it were not written at all!



Melissa Gill said...

Caz- good luck with that, it sounds like a really moving inspiration story and a great fresh idea for a PB

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I love writing stories that have an emotional force driving them. In fact, one of my greatest dreams is to write therapeutic picture books that will help heal kids from a variety of hurts. I think those kind of dreams are important to hold onto! Good luck editing.