Friday, July 9, 2010

Nose Picking just got better

It's been a little over two months since NaPiBoWriWee 2010 when I wrote my first batch of picture book drafts. I was fairly pleased with a couple of them, especially seeing as they were my first attempts. However, the thought of editing them was scaring me. Why? I believe there were several possible reasons for my dread and panic:

1. I feared I would break them
2. I feared that my writing ability had expired - ie: the stories were a fluke.
3. They might get better - which meant that they weren't perfect in the first place - tut, tut! Imperfection? Mois?

Well, I have my project manager(!), Glenn to thank for flagging my picture book edits as very important - even more important than washing socks! This afternoon I grabbed a quiet moment while Cy was asleep to look through others' critiques of "I Didn't Pick My Nose". First I made one small change, then another ... and another...and I felt very satisfied after each successful alteration. It wasn't at all scary. In fact, I felt very proud. I am still glad that I let it simmer for a couple of months, though. The weaker parts just got weaker with time, and the stronger parts stayed strong.

'Edit Number One', I like you. You are a good read. However, you wouldn't be what you are today if it weren't for the pioneer, the bold and inaugural 'First Draft' who went before you. Thank you, First Draft. You will not be forgotten.


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